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What type of training do you provide?

We provide training and resources for coaching, (Life Coaching, Softball) umpire and scoring.

What is NLP?

NLP Training usually consists of NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Certifications. They are experiential, fun and life transforming. They enable you to fully understand and make use of language for your own personal growth and development as well as in your professional and work life

What is Life Coaching?

A meaningful, holistic approach that truly empowers and touches people’s lives to their very core, unlocks their true potential and enables them to create, achieve and become what they want in life

Do you also offer coaching sessions?

Yes, we provide Life Coaching and Sports sessions.

What options are available for sessions in Life Coaching?

The sessions are 1hour and 30 minutes long to enable feedback from previous sessions objectives and progress report on achieving the goal. Sessions can be in person or conducted via telephone or online sessions via Zoom, Skype or other platforms. .

What topics are covered under combined Life Coaching and NLP course?

Maps of the World

What is NLP?

What is Life Coaching



Belief Change

Behavioral Frames

Fun Goal Setting Activities


Sensory Acuity

Generalisation, Deletion and Distortion

Calibrating to good / bad reaction

Calibrate to your own state of congruence

State Elicitation Exercise


Problem solving techniques and questions

Changing to a ‘Towards’ Strategy Exercise

Reversal Questions

The Disney Pattern

Well Formed Outcomes

Goal Setting


Knowing your strengths and playing to your strengths

Staying in a Great StateMilton ModelCreating Presuppositions ChunkingProactive / ReactiveSub modalities

Critical Distinctions

Fast Phobia Cure

Swish Pattern Exercise

Godiva Chocolate Pattern Exercise

T.O.T.E. and Strategies


Milton Model

GROW  Predicates

Predicate Words

Eye Accessing Cues

VAKOG Language

Changing Feelings


Meta Programs

Motivation Traits

Working Traits

The Resource Triangle Exercise

Getting to the real problem

Logical Levels

Alignment of Self

A Strategy for Responding to Criticism

New behaviour generator


Pattern Interrupts and Break States

Backtrack Frame

Perceptual Positions

Meta Model

Precision Model

Meta Model & Logical Levels

Meta Model Distinctions

A Strategy for Responding to Criticism Exercise

Parts and Framing

Conflicting Parts Exercise

Parts Integration Process (the ‘Visual Squash) Exercise

The parts Party Process Exercise

In Time / Through Time

Timeline Change Personal History

Six Step Re frame

Re framing

Unpacking a Problem

Important points for a Life Coach to know

and more.

What if you join our trainers on a fun filled life changing training?

Can you imagine all the new skills that you will acquire and how you’re using it to improve your life?

 All our trainers are passionate about their subjects, experienced, dedicated with one mission to be the best trainer possible and help you achieve your goal!


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